FrontPage Extensions are a group of system files and folders needed by websites created with Microsoft FrontPage in order to operate efficiently. Without them, you could still use the application to make sites and upload your content on the web server, yet the websites will have restricted features, thus the user experience will not be the same. An additional advantage of using a website hosting service with FrontPage Extensions available is that you are able to publish your webpages directly on the server without using any third-party software as long as you enter your account FTP info in FrontPage. This characteristic will make it really easy to start and maintain your web presence even if you don't have any previous knowledge, since you are able to update the website in the future just as quickly.

FrontPage Extensions in Shared Web Hosting

You are able to make and upload your site by using FrontPage, because all the Linux shared web hosting services that we provide support FrontPage Extensions. Though quite a few other providers stop the support of this feature, we leave it to you to decide whether you'll keep on using FrontPage or you will switch to an alternative web design app and we have no plans for this to change. When you log in to the Hepsia Control Panel, that will be used to manage your new website hosting account, you can enable FrontPage extensions for any domain which you host or subdomain which you create with just two clicks. The feature will be enabled right away and our system will include the FrontPage Extensions system files inside the selected folder, so you will be able to proceed and upload your site files without any difficulty. If you choose to switch to a different application for your website, deactivating FrontPage Extensions is just as simple.

FrontPage Extensions in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you have a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you will be able to take advantage of FrontPage to make your website, since FrontPage Extensions are set up on the cloud platform where your web hosting account will be made. Activating and disabling the feature is done with a few clicks and per domain or subdomain using your Hepsia Control Panel that you will get to manage the account, so you can easily have a FrontPage main website and a blog or a discussion board script in a subdomain without problems. Our system will include all the system files required for such a website automatically in the selected folder. Plenty of web hosting providers today stop the support for FrontPage Extensions, however we choose to leave this option to you, instead of making you change the website design program which you use and throw away all the money and efforts that you have invested through the years in order to create and maintain your website.